I’m a proud Southeast Austinite and an experienced community leader on education, health equity, and transportation.


I was raised by a Mexican immigrant mother and military veteran father from El Paso. My mom and dad taught me and my siblings the importance of education as an opportunity equalizer and raised me with the values of hard work and service to the community. Like many families in District 2, my parents wanted to raise us in a safe and healthy neighborhood, where I was able to ride my bike to school and embark on the American dream.

My college diploma hangs in the living room of my proud parents. I’m a first-generation college graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ‘em!


I’ve spent my entire career focused on community engagement, digital organizing, policy, and motivating diverse groups of people to share a mutual vision and achieve common goals.


For the past five years, I’ve worked as a director at the American Heart Association, the nation’s largest volunteer-led health organization, dedicated to improving and saving lives. I joined the fight against heart disease and stroke and have mobilized hundreds of advocates throughout the Central Texas region to advocate for improved access to healthy food, demand quality health care, and reduce health disparities.


It wasn’t always easy. We took on Big Tobacco and because of our army of advocates, we made a tangible impact on building healthier communities across the region. I firmly believe that your zip code shouldn’t determine your health or how long you live. That’s why one of my top priorities will be addressing health equity in Austin.

Central Health Testimony_3.png

At every opportunity, I’ve championed, invested, and advocated for social justice issues in Austin spanning the range of criminal justice, public education, community, transportation, and women’s empowerment.


From the state capitol to city hall to the boardroom, I’ve always stood on the side of the underrepresented and most vulnerable communities in the fight for equity. I’m committed to amplifying the voices of my community in this critical moment of change in Austin.

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